PR Work Sample: Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis

Four Seasons logo

I led the PR efforts of Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis during their opening phases as well  as partnering with them later to keep the property top of mind for potential hotel, restaurant, and spa guests.

Some examples of my work include:

I secured and coordinated this Today Show segment with Director of Catering Marianne Moore:



Cielo Chef Fabrizio Schendardi and his son Lorenzo provide lunchbox ideas for Feast Magazine:








Royal Wedding “Hen Party” on Fox 2:

Academy Awards party tips on KSDK Channel 5 and KDNL Channel 12:

New Year’s Eve Package featured throughout Fox 2’s December 23 morning show:

The hotel’s media kit:

Nine minutes of coverage on Fox 2’s morning show during the hotel’s first week open in February 2008: